The Hurt Locker! US Debt, QE and Affordable Care

The ominous ticking of the US economy is deafening. While job loss numbers are down, home values are up, and the stock market is soaring … we have been living in an economy of distortion and a recovery of smoke, mirrors and misrepresentation. There has been a lot of discussion about the US Debt on television, talk shows, financial channels, and even around the water cooler. With good reason, $19 trillion is a staggering number, and we are approaching it at a furious pace. Have we learned nothing from Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain and Japan? Debt at this level is unsustainable. But what does that mean exactly? It means that the cost of maintaining the debt is greater than the incoming revenu

The Glory of the Past and the Commotion of the Present

We are a distracted people – and by distracted, I don’t merely mean that we are momentarily preoccupied, rather we are incapable of focus. A recent study from Microsoft measures the modern human attention span at a mere 8 seconds … less than that of a goldfish and more akin to a bee or a fruit fly. Our ability to concentrate has deteriorated in proportion to our obsession with digital devices and applications which have had a pronounced effect on the human brain. Modern attempts at coherent thought are regularly disrupted by texts, emails, social media alerts, or some other restless and twitchy digital distraction. This sets forth the question of our time … how shall we preserve the glory of

Crypto-Currencies, Bitcoins, Cyber Money and Gold

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Mastercoin, Anoncoin, Zerocoin … the sudden, frenetic rush of cyber currencies is hard to keep up with. This new flood of digital money is not backed by a central bank, government, or country. They operate independent of our current monetary system and tout free market principles. Why does that sound so familiar? The Bitcoin has taken the lead position in the virtual currency war. Bitcoiners embrace a global exchange that is not impacted by politics, powerful governments, or the oppression of central banks. Their digital money is accepted within its own marketplace. One can buy books, electronics, appliances, and jewelry via online Bitcoin shops and stores. In so

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