What if God was on Facebook?

Did you ever wonder why a picture of your dog gets 50 "likes" on Facebook but your opinion on nuclear proliferation and the impact of artificial intelligence gets … crickets? I have a theory on this. Much like Hebrew National hot dogs, I do believe that we answer to a higher authority and that if God was present back in those days when we communicated by carrier pigeon and foot messenger, I find it hard to believe that he or she is not present now. I’m not talking about God being “one of us” or a “stranger on the bus,” I’m talking about God being God … omnipotent, almighty, and supreme. A deity that can be anywhere at any time in any form. Yes even on Facebook. Now what does God’s profile pi

A Marketing Post-Mortem: The Engagement Crisis and the Search for Empathy

2016 was a year of crisis in Marketing. We put a record number of things ‘out there’ in the form of posts and tweets, ads and articles, banners and blogs. We used the best headlines and some of the most intriguing visuals we could find. So why didn’t we “engage” more? Why didn’t more consumers participate in our brand? Why didn’t our content translate into leads? Well, apparently ‘the news’ was not the only thing that was 'fake' last year. Marketing content also took a turn toward the fallacious. How many misleading claims can you pack into a tinyURL? How much ‘Sponsored Content’ has to fill the bottom of a page before you question everything you read above it? How much ‘Native Advertising’

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