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The Greatest Branding Story Ever Told ...
For over two decades, my words have appeared on TV, Radio, the Internet, Social Media, Websites, Landing Pages, PR and Digital Ads across the Financial, Health, Wellness and Pharma realm. I have maximized product and brand exposure across multiple marketing channels targeting consumers, buyers, businesses, decision-makers and end-users around the globe!

Promoting brands, telling product stories, and growing businesses are my sweet spot. Creating well-executed, effective, and results-driven Direct Response, Digital and Multi-Channel Marketing programs is my greatest passion. Early in my career I worked in-house for IBM, CBS-TV, The Franklin Mint, Guthy-Renker, Kent & Spiegel, Sears Home Central, and Quantum Television. Since April of 2000 I have been marketing products and services in the Finance,  Wealth-Building, Investments, Retirement/Savings, Health, Wellness, Self-Improvement, Personal Care, Fitness, and Beauty categories. From start-ups to multi-national brands, I have crafted powerful demand generation programs that educate, elucidate, and engage. It's easy for brands to be get lost in the great digital shuffle. I make them unforgettable.

Trish Mahon

Engagement! I am a strong content, copy and lead generation expert. I am a master interviewer, and my high profile clients have enjoyed high-converting Stories, Press Releases, Blogs, Landing Pages, Social Media Management, eBooks, White Papers, TV, Video and Radio Scripts, Emails, Press Releases, Feature Articles, Special Reports, Sales Collateral, Product Videos, Direct Mailers, Print Ads, Display Ads, etc. My pinpoint branding, content strategy, and Call-to-Action metrics that have set the pace for the industry.

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