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My Expertise

I have spent my career getting inside the head of the consumer and/or the end user of products, services and brands. Whether it was conducting focus groups to put myself through grad school or rounding up testimonials for a new product in the local mall – I learned early on that what the buyer perceives and/or believes is key to purchase motivation. Everything matters - from a product’s name, to its claims, from advertising headlines, to packaging, from testimonials, to endorsements. And, at the end of the day, we must understand that the takeaway for the consumer is still very personal. How and to what extent a product, brand or service impacts the life of the buyer is a critical litmus test for marketing success. Whether we’re selling a healthier life, a younger face, a more secure retirement, or a better way to book a hotel … we must identify the underlying benefit for the consumer and make sure our marketing material consistently embraces it in all conceivable channels.

Marketing Branding and Social Strategy

We’ve all heard the notion of “Getting Your Story Straight” … well I believe that this could well be the melody, refrain, and undersong for powerful product and brand marketing. Once we identify what our product narrative is, we must adhere to it relentlessly. We must understand that marketing channels are simply more pages to the book that tells the story of our brand. So whether we are selling via TV or Radio, Email or Direct Mail, Online or Offline – consistency of story, messaging, and branding is critical to the success of any and every new brand.

Lead and Demand Generation

Getting a lead and creating demand for a product or service is all about the Call-to-Action. While it sounds remotely resonant of a “Call to Arms,” it is not all that dissimilar. A good CTA, asks a critical question: “What could I possibly tell you or offer you that would make you stop what you’re doing, listen to my message, and take an action to find out more?” Good marketers know how to answer that question, and it involves a strategic combination of offer, promise and instant gratification. There are no shortcuts to developing CTA expertise. It comes from years of testing, researching, regrouping and refining countless offers across traditional, new and experimental marketing platforms.

Content Development and Professional Ghost Writing
  • ​Investor Kits

  • Sales Collateral

  • Landing Pages

  • Websites

  • Ebooks

  • White Papers

  • Commissioned Books/Novels

  • Press Releases

  • Direct Mailers

  • Story Marketing

  • Video and Radio Scripts

  • Features Articles

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Daily or Weekly Blogs

Social Media Management

I manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so you don't have to! My Twitter Universe includes thousands of precious metals, marketing, health, wellness and babyboomer news follows!

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